Best Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards: Are You Eligible?

If you have a full on business with an EIN, then obviously yes, you can get a business credit card. Skip to the cards. But what if you don’t?

1) You do need to conduct business outside of a day job to get business credit cards. You are not eligible if you have a salaried position and no other income.

2) A side hustle counts. If you consult on the side, then you qualify for a business credit card. If you sell things on eBay or Craigslist, you qualify. If you sell goods or services anywhere, you qualify!

3) Note that if you do not have a registered business name and an EIN, you must apply in a very specific way, described below. Pay careful attention or you will be declined for a business credit card. 

Apply as follows:
  • Your business name is just your real name. If you are “Jim Smith” on your personal credit cards, then put “Jim Smith” as your name and “Jim Smith” again as your Business name. DO NOT MAKE UP A BUSINESS NAME.
  • Your Tax ID number is your Social Security Number.
  • Your business income will be the amount you make or expect to make from your side business.
  • Do *not* include other income (such as investment income) etc, unless it is part of your business.

And if you have any questions at all, click the Live Chat button below.

Below are some of the best business credit cards. How are the cards ordered? We base our ratings on the value of the points of each business credit card by the amount of the bonus. Pretty simple!


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