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Points and Miles Valuations

The miles and points valuations provided below are what we use to determine the value of a new card bonus or your total earned rewards value when you use the Card Explorer tool.

These values are subjective, meaning that they approximate, based on a large variety of datapoints, the minimum value that you should be able to get from those points once you learn the best ways to spend them. They change slightly over time when programs change how you can redeem points.

You’ll also notice that some point value below have ranges. In all cases where a point has a range, it means that some cards in that ecosystem earn the minimum and can only be redeemed for cash back, but they increase in value when paired with cards that allow you to transfer points to their airline and hotel partners, because that is where the higher redemption value opportunities lie. That’s why you’ll see checkboxes in some places that ask if you have a certain card or cards. If you do, we’ll increase the value of your rewards from the cash value to the average redemption value that factors in the ability to transfer points (since the points are either automatically combined or can be manually combined, depending on the issuer).

If you need help figuring out the best ways to spend your points, head over to or the MilesTalk Facebook group. This table should also make it clear that the value of one point can be very different from the value of another point.

If you clicked the button under a “Cash” value of 0.01 to get here, well, cash is cash 😉

Miles and Points Valuations

Currency name Value Which cards earn those points Notes
Accor Live Limitless $0
Aer Lingus Avios $0.012 Similar to British Airways Avios though with a few sweetspots from the eastern half of the US to Ireland. You are able to freely transfer between British Airways Avios and Aer Lingus Avios.  Qatar Airways and Iberia are also under the Avios ecosystem.
Aeromexico Rewards $0.75
Air Canada Aeroplan $0.014 Aeroplan does not pass along any fuel surcharges, making this a great program for Star Alliance flights. Two huge additional benefits are a stopover on your trip for just 5,000 miles and a lap infant (under 2) is just $25 CAD. One small negative is that they do have fees for cancelling an award ticket.
Air France Flying Blue $0
Air France Flying Blue
Alaska Airlines $0.017 Alaska miles have a few things going for them that make them worth a bit more than the average mile, especially to Asia, Fiji, and the South Pacific where they still have separate charts with great rates on First and Business Class. However, since joining Oneworld, they are increasingly making awards more expensive as they integrate new programs. They also partner with luxury Taiwan based Starlux. Additionally, only Marriott points transfer to Alaska making them harder to acquire than most.
American Airlines $0.014 Since AAdvantage moved to revenue based redemptions, they are a bit less valuable than they used to be. However, they can still book First and Business Class seats on oneworld partner airlines like Qatar Airways and Japan Airlines, and we also find that they can have occasional deals with forward cabin seats on American.
American Express Membership Rewards $0.017 Instant Transfers as well as solid transfer partners. The value would go up if they had any hotel partners with a fair exchange rate. ANA (an exception to instant transfers), Virgin, Air Canada and Avianca are top airline partners for maximizing your points. They can also transfer to Delta if you wish and while the rates aren't ideal, they can transfer to Marriott and Hilton as well.  ANA provides almost unbeatable value for booking a Round the World flight all in Business Class. The stated value also assumes you will take advantage of transfer partners rather than book via their booking portal, where they are only worth between 1 and 1.5 cents. We've also created a Guide to American Express Membership Rewards.
Avianca Lifemiles $0
Bilt Rewards $0.018
The currency of the only credit card that earns points for paying your rent with absolutely no fees (up to 100,000 points per year), it also has stellar transfer partners providing great value. Examples are World of Hyatt, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. They also award double points on Rent Day (up to 10,000 per Rent Day) on the first of each month and have one special "deal" on that day as well, different each month.
Brex $0
British Airways Avios $0.012 British Airways points are best used for short haul flights on Oneworld partners. What keeps these from being worth more are the high redemption costs and surcharges for long haul flights in premium cabins. When you book a US domestic award on AA metal with Avios, you can also cancel and lose only the $5.60 per segment in taxes as the penalty. They can now also be combined into Qatar's frequent flyer program where you can book their business class QSuites at reasonable rates.
British Airways Executive Club $0
Capital One Miles $0.016 It's worth noting that some Capital One cards earn 2 miles per dollar on everything, making the 1.6 cent per mile value an understatement as you'd be earning a 3.2% yield on every day spend. However, this assumes you will learn how to utilize the Capital One airline and hotel transfer partners, most of which transfer 1:1. The minimum value is 1 cent when used to book travel in their portal or to  cover previously paid for travel, however, our calculator assumes you will use Capital One's air and hotel transfer partners when calculating a 1.6 cent per point value. We also have a Guide to Capital One Miles.
Cash $0.01 When a card earns cash back, it has a value in our calculator of $0.01, just as you'd expect! 😉
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles $0
Chase Ultimate Rewards $0.01-$0.0175 The Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, and Ink Preferred all have the ability to transfer to airline and hotel partners. We use an average value that you can expect to get by utilizing your points for these transfer partners. If you do not have at least one of these cards, Ultimate Rewards are worth exactly 1 cent per point. Also keep in mind that when you redeem your points, you can elect to book travel through the Ultimate Rewards portal where the Sapphire Preferred and Ink Preferred have a point value of 1.25 cents per point and the Sapphire Reserve has points worth 1.5 cents each. You can move points freely between your Ultimate Rewards cards, i.e. from a Chase Freedom Unlimited to a Chase Sapphire Reserve. You can also read our Guide to Chase Ultimate Rewards points.
Choice Privileges $0
Citi ThankYou $0.01-$0.016 If you have a Citi Strata Premier® card or a legacy Citi Prestige card, you can transfer your points to Citi's full range of airline and hotel partners. Other ThankYou points-earning cards can be pooled with your Premier or Prestige to unlock airline and hotel program transfers. We calculate that you can get an average of 1.6 cents per point when redeeming this way. If you have any other Citi ThankYou point cards and do not have a Strata Premier or Prestige, then your ThankYou points are worth 1 cent each.
Delta Air Lines $0.012 Delta uses a fully dynamic pricing model on most awards, with the program aiming to offer you about 1.1 to 1.2 cents per point. However, you can still occasionally get much more value, especially during SkyMiles Flash Sales. Note that while you can book SkyTeam alliance flights with Delta SkyMiles, you cannot book international First Class on any SkyMiles partner.
Discover $0.01
Worth a penny each
Disney Dollars $0.01
Worth a penny each
Etihad Guest $0
Hawaiian Miles $0
Hilton $0.005 Since Hilton moved to a variable pricing model, on average you'll be offered roughly a 0.5 cent value per point. What is nice is that although the pricing is mostly variable, they still cap the "standard" redemption rate on all properties. With the 5th night free on all award stays and resort fees waived on award stays, it's very possible to well exceed this value - even getting 1-2 cents per point - when used wisely.
Hyatt $0.017 Hyatt award rates range from 3,500 to 45,000 points per night at their regular hotels and resorts. At all-inclusive resorts and Miraval, the prices can reach as high as 58,000 points per night, Almost without fail, during even remotely peak times, we can find roughly 2 cents per point in value. You can even book Suites for incrementally more points (Premium Suite costs twice as much as a room, for example). I tend to find these are one of the best ways to spend Chase Ultimate Rewards points which transfer 1:1. They are the only major hotel program in the US with fixed award charts making it a great program to be able to set goals for your redemptions..
Iberia Avios $0.012 Iberia's Avios are very similar to British Airways, with a few differences. You can redeem them for extremely cheap business class flights from the East Coast USA to Madrid (whereas this rate does not exist with other Avios partners). You can transfer from other Avios programs to Iberia as long as your Iberia account has been open for three or more months and you must have earned Avios directly in their program first (from a flight or from a credit card points transfer, for example). For this reason, it's good to create an Iberia Avios account even if you don't see an immediate need.
IHG One Rewards $0.004