Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

If you travel internationally, you need to have a credit card without foreign transaction fees, which can exceed 3%. Here are our favorite credit cards with no foriegn transaction fees.

All cards below do not charge foreign transaction fees when abroad, but be sure to always make sure you are charged in local currency when you are traveling. Often times, credit card machines abroad are setup to tempt you into using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) in which they “offer” to charge you in US Dollars while charging you a fee even greater than a credit that didn’t waive forex fees would! Here is one cautionary tale on Dynamic Currency Conversion. Always say now to DCC, espcially when you carry a credit card that won’t charge those awful foreign transaction fees.

We’ll also note that all Capital One credit cards do not charge any foreign transaction fees.  

We base our ratings on the value of the points of each card by the amount of the bonus. Pretty simple!




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